Strength & Conditioning



Strength & Conditioning Coordinator:  Kyle Fridrich


The objective of Union Baseball’s strength and conditioning program is to ensure that each student-athlete is provided with sound in-season and off-season programs. This program of activity includes strength, conditioning, flexibility, and nutrition.

Our strength and conditioning coordinator, Coach Fridrich, develops training plans and goals that give our athletes the ability to reach the highest training levels.

In order for all student-athletes to perform at a championship level, Coach Fridrich is committed to providing the strength, confidence, and durability to compete at the highest levels of high school competition.  Additionally, the athletes who continue their playing career after high school will be highly prepared for the next level.

At Union, we feel a strong responsibility to help our athletes reach and maintain their optimum health and achieve conditioning goals. For this reason, Coach Fridrich has developed excellent training and conditioning programs to lessen the possibility of injuries.

Coach Fridrich takes great pride in providing a very intensive in-season program. We believe this intensive program helps maintain greater overall body strength and conditioning levels during the season. By maintaining strength in the muscles and connective tissues throughout the season, we will decrease the potential for injuries.

The off-season program is also extremely intense. Specific areas addressed during the off-season are: speed, strength, power, agility, fundamentals, and nutrition.

When he isn’t able to be at a game or practice, it is his desire to instill a stretching/pre-game routine  led by the players themselves.

Physical Welfare
Because overall physical well-being is essential to our player’s success, both as a student and as an athlete, it is important that they develop a solid balance of practice, sleeping and eating habits.

Our athletes are encouraged to reach and maintain the best physical condition possible. Working as a coordinated team, our coaches, athletic trainers, and the strength and conditioning coach put together a conditioning program to maximize each athlete’s ability.