~People want to be on a team.  They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.  They want to be in a situation where they feel that they are doing something for the greater good.  We try to create a legacy that binds the past to the present.~

Coach K



Connecting the Past to the Present

For everyone who participated in Union Baseball in one form or fashion, they are always a part of Union; athletes, trainers, coaches, donors, parents and siblings.   Tradition helps make that a reality.  Tradition also helps motivate people to want to come back…to stay connected…to be proud of the program that is a part of them.   After we’ve been a part of Union Baseball, we all to go on to other things in life, but we are always a part of something special.  Tradition builds that pride, fosters a sense of unity, and reinforces confidence. It lets people know we are part of something.  People are proud to be a part of a top notch program.

Coach K’s Tips on Building Tradition

  • At the end of every season, thank your team for their effort.
  • Give your team a chance to celebrate the journey the have experienced.  Make it fun for them.  They deserve to have a night all their own.
  • With enough time, an interesting idea can become an established tradition
  • Tradition helps motivate people. It makes them want to come back.  They desire to go on another journey.
  • If people are a part of something with a lot of tradition, they will be less likely to be jealous of a teammate or do something detrimental to the organization.
  • Tradition makes it more difficult to bring out the negative aspects of human nature.
  • Consistent excellence engenders pride.
  • Honor the seniors in your organization.
  • Cultivate relationships with people who support your organization.
  • Once tradition is in place, confidence, excellence, unity, and pride will grow.

 Redskin’s Baseball History

We need your help!  The research and gathering of information to document our baseball history is an ongoing and never ending process.  If you have team photos, information on season win-loss records and championships, then you can help us fill in the gaps.   Please email us at: