Volunteer Instructions


1. When?  Show up at least 30 minutes before the game to make sure everything is working and ready to go.

2. Who’s In?  Only those scheduled to work the Pressbox/Concession stand should be in those venues.  That means no kids and just because it’s cold or windy, please don’t congregate in either place to stay warm.  The least amount of commotion in either location, the better.

3. Keep it Professional.  There shouldn’t be any cheering, clapping or yelling from the pressbox.  Play only appropriate music and be professional when using the microphone.

4. Scoreboard?  If you don’t know how to use the scoreboard, please contact the Coordinator  for training.

5. Wrapping Up.  Pressbox workers should leave the area clean and make sure the windows are locked and secured after lowering the protective metal cover. Please be sure to sweep and pick up any trash in the stands after the game.

6. Union Pride.  Finally, have fun at the games and make Union a great venue for baseball!